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Hiring an artist to commission an art is more than what you can think of. It is the art of specifically recreating those special moments, some of which you wish to hold on to forever. At originalpaintingsoilcanvas.com, our commissioning artists are at your call. Whatever the size and specifications, our artists are available to work them out.

Going through everyday life, we experience several special occasions. Such as weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries, to even the most random things that remind us of who we are. And we most times desire and wish to re-experience and live in these moments.

It is however certain that life will not give us an opportunity to go back in time. The best option we have to preserve our special memories is to recreate them in paintings. This may not even be for personal enjoyment. It can be for our loved ones and those that deserve special recognition and appreciation. More particularly, those that should remain in memories forever.

So, no matter the idea or desire you intend to immortalize with painting, we got you covered. Be it a beautiful memory like a wedding portrait for a spouse, or a painting of a relative in their teenage year.  Likewise, our artists can make your desire of owning a painting like the Mona Lisa by Da Vinci come through. Our talented artists will do their possible best to give you that special effect you crave for.

In fact, there are a couple of reasons why our artists should be the top choice for commissioning your art. First of all, is our flexibility and trust. At originalpaintingsoilcanvas.com, we offer you, artists, you feel most comfortable working with. Artists you know can help create the magic you are looking for.

Moreso, we understand that one of the integral parts of owning a commissioned artwork is getting to work one on one with the artist of your choice. At originalpaintingsoilcanvas.com, we will not deny you the opportunity to enjoy that creation process.

Furthermore, the therapeutic creative process we offer is unquantifiable. Our artists know how personal the different art pieces should feel for every person. Having this in mind, they work to create that therapeutic feeling that will light up your space and mood. For us, it is more than painting. Our goal is to create the most treasured memories, those you can always look to and get a relaxing feeling.

Moreover, another reason why you should call our artists is the longevity and value of the work you get. Of course, nobody wants to spend money, no matter how cheap or costly it is on a piece of art that is not valuable. Or such artworks that would not stand the test of time. Thus, contracting our artists gives you the space to own a piece that can last long, as long as it is well taken care of.

But why should you opt for commissioned art? There are many reasons why you should think about this wonderful art service. First, this great service will make your project more special and worth each penny spent. Moreso, you can also get your favorite paintings at an affordable rate. Are you looking for artwork that caught your eye, but seems to be above the budget you have set for yourself? Do not worry, this is for you.

In fact, you can imagine how interesting and sweet it is to commission a customized wedding portrait to gift your significant half for your upcoming wedding anniversary to symbolize your unending love and to mark the precious time you have spent together.

In the same way, you can also imagine something as meaningful as a recreation of a beautiful memory of a lovely painting for you to hang in your baby’s nursery. All these can be ‘recaptured’ and preserved as customized artwork by any of our talented artists that you may wish to work with.

By hiring an artist for your special task, you have now commissioned for art to work according to your specifications. You may also wish for the artist to recreate your original portrait as a life-size oil painting. You may even want the artist to paint you as the wonderful Mona Lisa by Da Vinci. You can have all your fantasies fulfilled by commissioning the task to the artist of your choice!

It is however undisputable that paintings tell a powerful and engaging story that is not limited to words. Owning a painting of one’s precious memories is a way of telling those untold stories. And one of the best decisions you will make is to have those fantasies fulfilled by commissioning the task to the artist of your choice today.

Lastly, you need not to worry because the process of commissioning will be one on one. Our artists will work magic with your corporation to recreate your ideas and intentions for you according to your specifications of price and other elements such as the colors, the size of the canvas, and other related factors. A personalized yet beautiful art piece that you hang up in your living room can liven up both your mood and space. It can add a pop of color to your humble abode with a customized painting made especially for you.

At originalpaintingsoilcanvas.com, you work with someone who understands you well so that you will experience the greater benefits of owning commissioned artworks. And, with a commissioned painting of your most treasured memory displayed in the sanctuary of your home will make the painting even more valuable.

What are you waiting for? Select desired category and commission your dream artwork today!

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