FAMOUS ARTIST Vasiliy Demitkin

Original Portrait

‘’People love mystery, and that is why they love my paintings.’’ Salvador Dalí

Vasiliy Demitkin was born in Moscow in 1937. After World War II lost he is parents and was raced in multiple orphanages.

From early age he moved into different reality as world around him wasn’t beautiful  or pleasant.

Art – was he is life, he is desire and he is destiny. In 1970 he got he is college degree in art and start conducting multiple expositions of he is artwork throughout the Russia.

He was invite to participate in spring and fall large expositions organized by MOCHa.
He was also working for one of the largest filmmakers in Russia “Mosfiml”

1998 became a member of International Art Fund. He is masterpieces spread across of few continents and became a jewel in private collections worldwide.

Woman in Hammock


Spirits of the Sea


I’m Sad


Winter Trail


In this early work the artist depicts the kind of genre motif of nature in spring that was traditional for the Russian school of landscape paintings. This picture is a unique manifesto by the painter, who is turning to the tradition of the peasant genre in the works of V.A. Serov and K.A. Korovin. The artistic quality of glazing color transitions and the deep development of soft brown-ochre warm tones allow us to place the picture among the genuine masterpieces of the Leningrad school of painting.

Dance of Bodies


Lady in Yellow


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