‘’Art is to look at not to criticize.’’ Edgar Allen Poe

We don’t have additional information about this artist… We wasn’t able to find he’s studio, Bio or additional artworks. He is coming almost as unknowing … just one Artwork that he created is available for your view and desire to having it in your collection.

Before the storm



Sweeping seascapes, golden sunsets, moonlit nights—surprises and delights.

He paints mighty ships of the line ploughings through rough waters at full sail, or drifting in the stillness of a calm sea.

He captures the grandeur of the Imperial Russian fleet at anchor in the Black Sea ports.

He caresses the canvas with delicate brushwork and translucent layers of diffuse light.

Anchored tall ships sit shrouded in glowing fog. Incandescent moonlight shimmers across the calm waters of Black Sea bays.

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