Original Portrait

‘’The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science.’’ Albert Einstein

From his student days Krilov traveled with expeditions to the North of Russia, to Yaroslavl, Kostroma, and Arkhangel Oblasts, down the Yenisei and the Angara rivers, to Kazakhstan and the virgin lands. 

Friends of the artist later recollected: During 15 years…he was traveling across all of Northern Russia, Siberia. He loved to get to the remote places where Ancient Russia was preserved. His painting became stronger, he began to draw in the Krilov’s manner, and many-colored palettes began to emerge.

The colors and genre liveliness of Krilov’s landscapes and the emotional force and scale of his still lives defined the specific traditionalism of the Krilov’s manner. Regarding the creation of the landscape September was deeply moved by the evenings in the North. The theme of Northern evenings took possession of him.

His works became colorful and unlike the landscapes of our middle latitudes.

Open Spaces


The image of Russian nature, with its lack of spectacular colors and contrasts, is endowed in this landscape with heroic features. The artist surveys the world as if seeing it like a bird in mid-flight.

His eye is presented with a majestically unfolding panorama of natural elements. The theme of the world’s mysterious incomprehensibility is sounded in the landscape with a solemn and grim voice. The sideways and upwards open space is represented with general planes: water and the sky, painted using the same color scheme, which boosts the picture’s monumental impact.

Harvest of the Fields


The lofty sky, open sideways and upwards, seems to develop some sort of struggle, collision. The celestial drama is not reflected in the steel scales of the water. The sky and land – parts of faceless cosmos – are made alien to each other. It is only the cliff, straining forward as it does, with a wooden church on top, that provides evidence of the human soul, fragile but full of faith, being present in the world.

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