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1965 – 2005

‘’A work is finished when an artist realizes his intentions.’’ Rembrandt

Artist Igor Tarnov was born in 1965 in the city of Bogoroditsk, Tula Region, Russia. He was fond of drawing from childhood and began to master the basics of the profession at the Children’s Art School, then at the Tver Art School. At the end of the school, Igor Yurievich becomes the organizer of the Bogoroditsk association of artists and designers “Interior”. In parallel with the design work, Tarnov is engaged in painting. In the early 1990s, the painter creates a number of works that are completely different in style and topic (realism, avant-garde, abstract art). At this stage of creativity, the artist presents a series of works in the genre of urban landscape.

The paintings are made in mixed media, brush and palette knife. Laconic and restrained in color, they demonstrate the expressive beauty of old Moscow architecture, delicately accentuated by the graceful lines of exposed tree branches. The paintings of I.Yu. Tarnov are in private collections of collectors in Russia, Great Britain, Germany, Australia and the USA, the master’s works were acquired by the embassies of the USA and Poland, foreign missions in Russia. Currently, the artist lives and works in the city of Tula.

Decorated with hoarfrost, sprinkled with white snow, tender and filled with fresh air, Moscow appears in the canvases of the artist Igor Tarnov.

Artist was living and working in Tula till 2005. He’s presently not with us.

A large number of works by Igor Tarnov are in private collections in Russia and abroad.

The paintings of Moscow artist Igor Tarnov are extremely modern. He really has an independent view of art. Looking at the artist’s work, you see a very finely identified coloristic feature and psychological emphasis on the plot. In fact, each plot is accurate and succinctly accurate, the artist shows us how deep, unexpected and uniquely beautiful life can be in every moment.

Impressionism, the direction in which the artist works, organically absorbs romanticism and lyrics, which you will find in the works of Igor Tarnov.

Nikolskaya Street, Moscow



The artist believes that it was in late autumn and winter, having thrown off the bright foliage of trees, such a city appears before the viewer in its full glory, albeit without bright colors, but more expressive and graceful in the architectural lines of the buildings, the bends of the streets and the graphics of the asleep trees.

A series of his paintings lovingly reflects the special character of our city, which not everyone can see in the turbulent bustle of life.

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