FAMOUS ARTIST Andrey Voronovich

‘’Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures.’’ Henry Ward Beecher

Andrey Voronovich

Born in 1951 He graduated from the Stroganov School.
Participated in more than 50 exhibitions.
Works are in private collections and abroad, including the USA, Germany, Italy, China, Austria and Japan.

To the many banquet and breakfast scenes produced worldwide. However, when it comes to other types of still life paintings, such as still life’s, Andrey Voronovich proposes that the ‘seeming realism’, that is, the symbolic significance, should be noted.

Regarding the banquet and breakfast scenes, some scholars go as far as saying that the lifelikeness of the edible goods prevent the viewer from admiring and scrutinizing the symbolic element of breakfast and banquet still life paintings, as they excite the viewer’s appetite too much– evidently, ‘first we eat, then we do everything else’– an important life lesson for gallery goers.

Breakfast For Aristocrat


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