Q. What are these OriginalPaintingsOilCanvas.com artworks?

A. These are artworks reckoned as crème-de-la-crème of modern arts. Majority of Americans seem not to recognize original oil canvas paintings, as purchasing prints sounds more affordable. Wrong approach. Our arts are being reckoned with as first class. Oil Canvas paintings now have a worldwide acceptance; especially in the United States. It’s considered valuable and outstanding by art enthusiasts. The quality of the paintings are top-notch and they can withstand any test of time. Even more than most paintings displayed in art galleries in New York.

Q. Do you have an actual physical gallery?

A. No, we don’t have a physical viewing gallery. This is so, for us to stay within means and reach a higher number of targeted audiences. At OriginalPaintingsOilCanvas.com, our aim is to offer quality arts to the public at the lowest and affordable rates.

Q. What is unique about our artwork?

A. At OriginalPaintingsOilCanvas.com, we just don’t display regular paintings in our gallery. Our exhibits are world class oil canvas paintings created with care and professionalism. Although most Americans do not know Russian artists, all of these artists are considered masters in Russia. Russian art is becoming more and more popular in America and is considered a bargain by most art enthusiasts. We think you will find that the quality of these paintings rivals many fine artists displayed in museums and art galleries in San Francisco and New York.

Q. How can we help you buy art?

A. OriginalPaintingsOilCanvas.com put together a perfect website with the most possible information about artwork and artists for your convenience.
We will do our best to meet your expectations. This is because we specialize particularly in oil canvas paintings. We are educated experts in this field. Our aim here is to preserve the memories of the great modern painters of 20th century, teach and help to understand original art better. Help new artists find our platform suitable for exposure and to showcase artworks for future generations to see and enjoy.

Q. How do I know my artwork is authentic?

A. We are a reputable and respected art collector. We review every artwork for its originality and authenticity before we upload such in our gallery. We personally met an artist to learn about his biography, style, and we deliver this formation to you from the first hands. Visit our website at OriginalPaintingsOilCanvas.com and go to ‘Our Artists’ to know more.

Q. How can I pay for my painting?

A. At OriginalPaintingsOilCanvas.com, you can make payments for any of your desired artworks. Either with your Visa, MasterCard, American Express or PayPal. We also offer a choice of credits from respectable companies online. You can split your purchase price on affordable monthly payments and start enjoying your art immediately.

Q. If I decide that I do not want to keep a painting how should I return it?

A. We allow you to experience the aesthetic effect our paintings have on your home. Thus, if you decide to return it, you should do that within seven (7) days. Kindly make sure you carefully repack the painting in its original shipping pack. So that the painting can maintain its originality. (It is advisable you insure the painting for its full value. Because, until we take safe custody of the painting, the painting still belongs to you)

Q. What quality are the frames you use?

A. The framing materials are of the highest quality. They are perfectly carved and well preserved with a few nicks due to the age of artwork. All descriptions of the frame are available on the selling page. Please read carefully. Choice of changing frame is available if desired for an additional cost.

Q. Does the size shown on the site include the frames?

A. No. The sizes shown in the site are for the canvasses without the frames. This is because some of our frames are wide and big. So, we display our paintings without the frames so that we can show you a clear and a better view.

Q. How do I get my painting upon purchase?

A. If the painting you’ve purchased is located in California, it’s going to be shipped within 3 business days with the carrier of your choice you selected at checkout. Artwork will be insured and shipped with the tracking number so you will be getting information about item location online at any time. For international shipping, tracking number varies per shipping company policies. If an item is shipped from outside of the United States, identifiable information will be provided for you to keep tracking your purchase.

Q. What languages can I use to communicate (talk) with OriginalPaintingsOilCanvas.com?

A. You can communicate with our staff using English Language or Russian. Please feel free to use either language in email communications.

Q. Is the work on exhibit for sale?

A. Yes.

Q. Can I negotiate the price upon requesting commission of artwork?

A. Yes. But you have to remember if you requested to paint artwork, selected an artist and paid for the job – this artwork belongs to you immediately. You should communicate with the artist till the full completion and clearly address all nuances and details of what you want to have and how you see it in your mind. The return of your artwork isn’t possible as you are paying for someone’s labor and not a ready artwork itself.

Q. What is the average cost of your artworks?

A. Our artworks are considerably affordable. At OriginalPaintingsOilCanvas.com, we offer you quality artworks for a considerable and affordable price. It’s calculated by sq. inches and time the painter put in to create your masterpiece. The smallest price started from $500 plus tax and shipping.

Q. How can I find artworks I like?

A. OriginalPaintingsOilCanvas.com has a well curated collection of awesome oil canvas paintings and other arts that meet modern standards. Our gallery is perfectly designed to make it easy for you to go through the collection online and enable you to make a proper decision to your taste and budget.

Q. Is art a good financial investment?

A. Definitely YES, artworks are real investments and they appreciate overtime

Q. When are you open?

A. Our website is accessible anytime, anywhere and any day. Visit originalpaintingsoilcanvas.com and make a purchase today.

Q. How can I place an order?

A. Kindly click on the ADD TO CART icon, input the required details then proceed to checkout.

Q. Is buying on OriginalPaintingsOilCanvas.com secure?

A. Yes. Buying artwork from OriginalPaintingsOilCanvas.com is safe and secure. We are very keen about our privacy policies. We are well secured and not sharing your information with any third party. We are using the best hosting and web provider to make your buying experience flawless.

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